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ZIP-ROLL Screens are suitable for a wide range of applications such as garage screens, carport screens, porch screens, patio screens, porch screens, restaurant screens, breezeway screens, gazebo screens or almost any enclosure.

ZIP-ROLL Screens come in all standard residential and commercial garage door sizes and custom sizes can be made to fit most openings up to 20’ wide x 12’ high. All screens will be oversized by a few inches to accommodate various openings.

Angled/Cut Corner Zip-Roll Screen


*For angled/cut garage door corners, we need the measurement(in inches) at the top of the angle. Please provide us with this measurement and we’ll customize the screen as needed. Additional cost for this customization is $70*

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Customization Total: $

Corner Measurements ($70.00)*

Don’t see the size you are looking for? We do custom sizes. Call us at 937-738-4040 or email us at francis@zip-roll.com with your dimensions.