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It’s easy to measure and install a ZIP-ROLL Screen!

ZIP-ROLL Screens are suitable for a wide range of applications such as garage screens, carport screens, porch screens, patio screens, porch screens, breezeway screens, gazebo screens or almost any enclosure.

ZIP-ROLL Screens come in all standard residential and commercial garage door sizes and custom sizes can be made to fit most openings up to 20’ wide x 12’ high. All screens will be oversized by a few inches to accommodate various openings.

For example: A 9’ wide x 7’ high screen will fit openings from 8’6” to 9’2” wide x 6’11” to 7’2” high.

How to measure

Note: ZIP-ROLL Screens must be mounted on a TOP FACE BOARD. If there is no face board available, secure a 1” x 4” board at the top of the opening to mount the screen on. ZIP-ROLL Screens must be level on all sides when mounted.

For 90º Corner Openings: Measure the door jamb opening width and height. Refer to Figure 1.

For 45º Corner Openings: Openings with 45º top corners require special placement of the vertical zippers. Zippers should be aligned with the top corner of the 45º angle as shown in the illustration. In addition to measuring the door jamb opening width and height, you must also provide the width between the zippers.

Stock Sizes

8′ wide x 7′ high
9′ wide x 7′ high
10′ wide x 7′ high
12′ wide x 7′ high
15′ wide x 7′ high
16′ wide x 7′ high
8′ wide x 8′ high
9′ wide x 8′ high
10′ wide x 8′ high
16′ wide x 8′ high

Installation Instructions

Step 1. Remove ZIP-ROLL Screen from the carton and unfold on the floor with the head strip on top. Assemble bottom plastic tubes with connectors and slide into the bottom pocket of the screen. Refer to Figure 2.

Step 2. Measure across the top door facing and mark the center of the opening. Refer to Figure 3A. Then measure and mark the center of the screen on the head strip and trim the head strip to the desired length by cutting equal amounts from each end. See Figure 3B.

Note: Allow 1” extra on each end to overlap side molding.

Step 3. Predrill holes in the head strip, three holes to each section, to prevent splitting when nailing the trim. Refer to Figure 4. Pick up screen and align the center mark on the screen head strip over the center mark on the door facing. Ensure that the head strip is level and nail the center head strip to the door facing. Then nail the outer sections of the head strip to the facing.

Step 4. Predrill holes in one of the side mounting strips about 8″ apart. Place the mounting strip on the side door facing over the screen, making sure to hold the screen snug but not tight. Be sure that the zipper on each side is straight and fully zipped down. IMPORTANT: Do not stretch screen, just keep snug. Zippers should be able to slide freely without much tension. Then nail the top half of the mounting strip in place. With a saw, trim the lower half to fit and then nail in place. Repeat on the opposite side. See Figure 5.

Step 5. Take a sharp knife or razor blade and trim the excess screen by running a blade along the outside edge of the mounting strips. See Figure 5.

Step 6. Attach the cord line cleat to the wall with screws provided at a convenient location near the cord lock pulley.

IMPORTANT: To deter use by small children, attach the cord line cleat approximately five to six feet above floor level.


Your ZIP-ROLL Screen is now ready to operate!

To raise the ZIP-ROLL Screen, unzip both zippers to the top (upper) position, then pull the right side of the cord to raise the screen.

To lock the screen in the up (open) position, pull the cord to the left at the cord lock pulley mechanism.

To unlock and lower the screen, pull the cord to the right and the screen will unroll to the closed position.

Wrap the cord around the cord line cleat.