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ZIP-ROLL Screen is easy to use, affordable and built to last!

Francis ZIP-ROLL Screen is an affordable solution for converting underused outdoor space into valuable square footage. It provides the outdoor benefits of an open, airy space where you can enjoy a nice breeze and a view without the bother of insects and pests, as well as a cool, comfortable space to escape the summer heat and harmful rays of the sun.

Proudly made in the USA, ZIP-ROLL Screen is thoughtfully designed with durability, functionality and easy operation in mind. Built with heavy-duty materials and simple mechanisms, ZIP-ROLL Screen is built to last!


Inexpensively convert underused outdoor space into valuable square footage without costly alterations or additions.


ZIP-ROLL Screens are suitable for a wide range of applications such as garage screens, carport screens, porch screens, patio screens, porch screens, breezeway screens, gazebo screens or almost any enclosure.


Turn your additional outdoor space into a summer family room, the ultimate man cave, a party room, a play area for kids, an auto repair shop, a home gym, a hang out space, a pet zone and more. The possibilities are endless with ZIP-ROLL Screen!

Quick & easy to use

Turning an outdoor space into an airy, pest-free zone is a snap and takes just seconds once ZIP-ROLL Screen is installed. Simply raise or lower the zippered screen as needed. It’s that easy!

Constructed with heavy-duty, durable materials

Utilizing strong fiberglass screen, weather resistant zippers, heavy-duty plated hardware and #41/2 glazed cotton pull cord, ZIP-ROLL Screen is built to last.

Trouble-free operation

The complete ZIP-ROLL Screen unit is smooth operating and trouble-free, with no complicated mechanisms.

Multi-functional use

Zip-Roll Screen allows for multi-functional use in applications such as garages or carports. The screen rolls up and out of the way when not in use by means of cords and pulleys and a sure grip cord lock that holds it securely in place. The unit will not interfere with the garage door operation.

No door necessary

Easily pass in or out of the ZIP-ROLL Screen through either zippered side.

Easy installation

The ZIP-ROLL Screen comes with easy-to-follow directions for the do-it-yourselfer. A hammer, screwdriver, saw and knife are the only tools necessary for installation. Nails and mounting screws are provided.

Wide range of sizes

ZIP-ROLL Screen comes in all standard residential and commercial garage door sizes. Additionally, custom sizes can be made to fit most openings up to 22’ wide x 14’ high. Please call 937.738.4040 for details.


Stock Sizes

8′ wide x 7′ high
9′ wide x 7′ high
10′ wide x 7′ high
12′ wide x 7′ high
15′ wide x 7′ high
16′ wide x 7′ high
8′ wide x 8′ high
9′ wide x 8′ high
10′ wide x 8′ high
16′ wide x 8′ high